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Student Scholarship Application

To qualify for this program:

  1. Student must be a Georgia resident.
  2. Student must meet the State eligibility requirements located on the Georgia Department of Education website. (
  3. Student must complete an essay explaining your service experience.

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* * *Note: This information is not used to determine eligibility. However, it is required for reporting scholarship demographic data to the GA Dept. of Revenue.

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Each student is asked to submit an essay detailing their service experience, including a description of service, hours served, and lessons learned. The essay should be appropriate in length as determined by the student’s age.

The student’s essay must include:
* A full description of the service provided
* A description of the benefits provided
* A description of the individuals who benefited from the service
* A narrative description, in the student's own words, of what benefits they personally experienced in providing the service and what benefits they believe the recipient of the service enjoyed.
* A description of anecdotes and personal experiences that demonstrate the personal effect the service had on the student. How did the experience affect the student and develop the student’s character?

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In submitting these materials, I certify that all of the information submitted in support of my application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. False information will result in termination of the scholarship if granted.
I certify that the information provided by the applicant is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.